Huski Hi Vis Products

low to high
Farmers Hi-vis Pants
$41.48 to $48.80 + print
Farmers Hi-vis Jacket
$80.92 to $95.20 + print
Lined Transit Jacket
$81.46 to $95.84 + print
Roads 2 in 1 Jacket
$101.93 to $119.92 + print
210 GSM
Amp Jacket
$108.66 to $127.84 + print
Forge Jacket
$130.22 to $153.20 + print
Venture 4-in-1 Jacket
$142.39 to $167.52 + print
Scorch Pants
$162.52 to $191.20 + print
Flash Jacket
$316.20 to $372.00 + print

Huski Hi-Vis Products


Huski has been producing quality workwear products, specially designed for Australian & New Zealand conditions since 1956. This range includes workwear, rainwear, high-visibility inner and outerwear, tailored to meet the needs of workers across a variety of industries. They also focus on the winter clothing niche, using the right group of fabrics to create a workwear masterpiece.

Huski High Visibility collection meets the stringent requirements in both design and construction to ensure full compliance with the latest AS/NZ safety standards. This assures the wearer that they are completely visible in high-risk industrial situations.

One of their highest selling jackets is the Day/Night Bomber Jacket. This jacket comes with a BREATHETEC™ coating on the fabric. BREATHETEC™ is a breathable, fully waterproof fabric that offers unrivalled performance with maximum protection and ensures long-lasting wear and comfort.

Another of their highly sought-after product is the Utility Polar Fleece Jumper

On a case-by-case basis, we may print or embroider the garments. Logos, names, numbers, and other identifying information can be printed on the front left/right or reverse of the safety jackets.