Code Red Products

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Code Red offers a variety of Hi Vis products such as vests, polos, jackets, singlets, and fleeces. This range includes Hi Vis workwear and winter clothing as well. One of the best selling products from Code Red is their high visibility vests, CR-V22 and CR-V32.

The CR-V22 is a day vest made with durable and lightweight polyster. They are perfect for risky workwear conditions which require high visibility of the user which in turn helps lower accidents and reduce overall risk. These are Australian standard compliant and are used for day use only. Being one of the most popular products on Workdepot, the CR-V22 is subject to a lot of print requests which we do provide. Printing such as black, full color, screen printing and embroidery are all available.

The CR-V32 is a day/night vest which has high visibility properties. With reflective tape covering the user, this vest is bound to reduce accidents during both the night time and day.

Code Red products are available for all forms printing that we offer. Simply send us a quote with your requirements and we'll take care of the rest.